I used to be like you… naive and full of hope and crap. I used to think every one who kissed my lips would kiss my spirit. Sorry I am currently staring at a clock that has no time for your bullshit, because In reality I am not neck deep in it, I am already buried. I have been corpsed before my death.I have survived tsunamis of ¬†manure, so are you sure?…

you want to scare me with demons that haven’t yet had orientation day in hell.

What I have come face to face with makes a lot of things really what they just are … petty.

So please, miss me with your childish attempts to get my attention,my hate or affection. Please miss me with anything that doesn’t feed me body or spirit.

I beg… miss me well well… with all that self righteous, this is how you should live your life talk. Cause you didn’t catch me when I was doing my ‘its real I have nothing but God’ faithful walk.

My mum taught me something valuable when I was crying over some guy… she said let people offend you with truth. Never blame them for being real. Best thing in life you can offer yourself is honesty, genuine happiness. It taught me not to have enemies, and make peace with the lover or friend I loved who wasn’t loving me. So be ruthless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire and very indifferent towards what doesn’t deserve your time. ¬† Be-you-tiful and to everyone that spends their energy messing with your energy, tell them they set their standards too low, they need to GET OVER THEMSELVES.